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Tribunal Supremo de Massachusetts. Guillermo julio 3, Responder.


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According to Article 36 5 of the Penal Code, an aggravating circumstance exists when a person is motivated by discrimination based on sexual orientation while committing a criminal offense.

Gay men are generally more visible in public than lesbians are. Protecting those rights was also considered politically risky and bound to be met with hostility from the Roman Catholic Church, which already had bad relations with the Government. The centers began to form after a march by activists that took place in Managua. As a result, Nicaragua hosted its first public gay pride festival in After gaining support, the LGBT community suffered a setback when a bill formerly written to protect women from rape and sexual abuse was changed by social Christians in the National Assembly.

Activists and their allies protested in Nicaragua and at embassies abroad; however, President Violeta Chamorro signed the bill into a law in July as Article of the Nicaragua Criminal Code. In November , a coalition known as the Campaign for Sexuality without Prejudices, composed of lawyers, lesbians, and gay activists, among others, presented an appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice challenging the law as unconstitutional. The Supreme Court rejected the appeal in March It omitted the language in now-repealed Article and, by doing so, decriminalized sex out of wedlock and gay sex as well between consenting adults.

Since legalizing homosexuality in , Nicaragua has been active on the international level in supporting LGBT rights. In , Nicaragua signed the " joint statement on ending acts of violence and related human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity " at the United Nations , condemning violence and discrimination against LGBT people. Perosonas de cualkier lado para combersar. Facundo marzo 2, Responder. Anthony Brown marzo 27, Responder. Esteban marzo 29, Responder.

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