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Dating as an institution is a relatively recent phenomenon which has mainly emerged in the last few centuries. Go visit River Ridge Winery's hospitality, just north of Commerce.

A superbly-located hotel near CaixaForum and Prado Museum

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Population remained relatively stable for the next few centuries, oscillating between 2, and 4, inhabitants depending on living conditions at the time. In the s, Valdemoro's population began to grow rapidly due to the district's budding industrial sector and its proximity to Madrid. The most notable population increase has occurred since the start of the 21st century: Between and , Valdemoro was one of the top five municipal districts with the largest absolute population growth in all of Spain.

In , the population was divided into 24, men and 24, women. The birth rate was Foreign immigration has increased significantly in recent years, going from Valdemoro is the 17th-most populous city in the Comunidad de Madrid and the st-most populous city in Spain. Up through the s, Valdemoro's economy was primarily agricultural.

The territory was divided into 19 agricultural districts: Its industry was limited almost exclusively to gypsum quarries which were in the process of going bankrupt due to lack of modernization. Of these, the most important quarry was known as La Integridad. Valdemoro experienced a wave of industrialization during the s, which resulted in a subsequent rapid increase in population. By , the distribution of industry was as follows: Due to its arid climate, Valdemoro's main crop is cereals , and the main livestock is poultry.

Much like the rest of the developed areas of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, this sector is rapidly diminishing in both importance and size. Due to its proximity to Madrid, Valdemoro's industrial sector is considered fundamentally important. The service industry, which includes the commercial sector, is the most developed industry in the area. Atocha — Aranjuez There has been some discussion of the creation of a second station in the western zone, but so far no official project has been created.

In the last Plan General de Urbanismo "General Plan of Urbanization" , several tracts of land have been reserved for the creation of a new railway line and station. In June , with the start of the urban expansion project of El Espartal, the government announced that the C-3 Line would make a new stop between the stations of Valdemoro and Ciempozuelos.

Valdemoro has the second-most bus routes in the Community of Madrid, with 7 lines and routes. The government has been studying the viability of a light rail system for the past few years. It has beds, 8 operating rooms, and 2 maternity rooms, in addition to urgent care facilities.

Valdemoro is home to 4 hotels and 6 hostels, with a combined total of rooms. The district's proximity to the Parque Warner Madrid and to the capital are key factors to the development of the local hotel economy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Municipality in Community of Madrid, Spain. Population statistics through 1 January Vol XV, pp — Archived from the original on 1 January Check date values in: Archived from the original on 27 June Archived from the original on 20 February But early planners forgot that rivers rise.

During the early part of the Civil War, Union troops at Cairo under supervision of Ulysses Grant built to 20, while 19 miles downriver Columbus-Belmont Confederates trained an equal number. At the confluence of the nation's two largest rivers, you can camp Cairo city park if the water isn't up with riverboats passing at eye level on either side.

Tie this trip to Wickliffe, Ky. Between Cairo and Cape Girardeau on the Illinois side Pull off where the large power line crosses, and admire.

This is the "Thebes gap" probably made 10, years ago by shaking on the Commerce Lineament. Before that, the river did not pass here see above. Then take the small side road in to Thebes. See the dual-track rail bridge built in , still handling lots of rail traffic between Dallas and Chicago.

Perhaps 35 crossings per day. It was built to handle the new motor cars, as well, but that part was never added. The use of concrete pillars was new and questionable when built, but has stood the test of time and made it to be considered the strongest bridge on the Mississippi. Many runaway barges have struck a bridge pillar over the years with no damage to the sturdy structure.

On the hill overlooking is an old stone courthouse where some say Lincoln tried a case or maybe just visited here, and runaway slave Dred Scott may have spent a night in the basement.

Open by appointment only. A small road runs under the Thebes bridge, and along the river, closed during high water. A clearing a mile south is where archeologists have investigated a settlement years before present. It's one of the first vestiges of civilization in North America , with "Dalton tools", meaningful to archeologists. The river was shallow in this five mile stretch of Thebes gap. Ancient folks could likely walk across on pitted limestone during low water.

Young Mark Twain was a riverboat pilot whose boat was crippled here by hitting rocks, and barely made it to Cairo. Olive Branch has a good local homestyle restaurant on the highway row of windows in the front.

Just down the road is Horseshoe Lake, an "oxbow" lake probably made by the evolution of the Mississippi River, and known for fishing, camping. Mound City was a staging area for the north to fight the war. Boats were built and repaired on the drydock rails. It could handle boats at once. It had a large stationary hospital where the grain bins are, now and a floating hospital which cared for and buried troops of blue and grey, black and white. The first Navy nurses were here, local midwives who could deal with seeing blood.

More info from Cairo Custom House guides. You'll find a broad sweep view of the Ohio River and a restaurant with a few motel rooms to help enjoy the view. Illness and frustration of Native Americans stopped it. Read about the Aaron Burr conspiracy. The British, French, Spanish and Americans were all nearby and wondering about the potential of war, when the Louisiana Purchase solved the problem and President Jefferson disbanded Cantonment Wilkinsonville.

Burr and Wilkinson worked together in Benedict Arnold's office several years earlier, where the "traitor" mentality may have been fostered. There are absolutely NO museums, signs, or visitors centers, about these two parts of history. Click the grand chain lodge link just above, for more.

See on your map the way the Ohio makes a half moon arc between Cairo and Paducah. This is at the top of that arc. The view of the river includes almost to Cairo and past Paducah to the mouth of the Tennessee River. The shallow "Grand Chain" of rocks here once allowed squirrels by the hundreds to hop across rocks in the Ohio between the future Illinois and Kentucky.

It and its military cemetery are relatively brand new, well-kept, and the museum is expanding. Bloomfield claims to be the birthplace of the military Stars and Stripes newspaper, published by some bored and perhaps imbibing Union troops during the Civil War. Bloomfield is on part of Crowley's Ridge running north-south. We have maps of it on this website. You can't read much about New Madrid Fault without reading about Crowley's ridge. Dexter restaurants five miles south are famous for their barbecue ribs.

Look at the road map again. Find Bloomfield, and visualize it in the middle of a mile circle. We have several maps on this website of plutons along the New Madrid Seismic Zone. The largest one is the Bloomfield pluton. A pluton is lava that found its way up through the earth's crust because of seismic cracks. The lava type material usually never came completely to the surface, but adds to seismic instability because it weighs down the ground.

None of it is visible in this area. See pictures of the Devil's Tower pluton in Wyoming, exposed by erosion, to visualize what we're talking about. Stop by the depot museum downtown, and eat at the famous Lambert's Throwed Rolls Cafe. The municipal power plant is northwest of town off Salcedo Road. There are sand boils very near, even partially under it.

Read a link on this website to author Sam Penny's version of how Sikeston would shake during a 7. In spring, see Charleston's beautiful azelas. Big Oak Tree state park has a nice walk on a metal-grated sidewalk through native forest.

Back to I, south toward New Madrid. Look for spots of noticeably whiter soil. These may well be sand boils. The interstate seems to dart around some swampy places. New Madrid observation deck Exit at New Madrid. Find the museum, on the levee at the end of the main street.

Remember that the entire town sank 12 feet during the Feb. After having an earthquake burger top bun split in the middle , find the observation deck on the Mississippi. The original site of New Madrid is now halfway out into the river. We are standing at the top of the big loop on your map, with river flowing from left to right. This loop was once called Bessie's Bend. A little town of Bessie was in the neck of the bend.

Boat travelers would spend the night in the hotel, exiting the boat on the eastern shore. Then they would board the next morning on the western side, less than a mile away, but the boat had gone twenty miles around the bend, saving them some time.

A church was built exactly on the Tennessee-Kentucky line in the middle of that loop. A serious feud between two families continued for years. Members from both families would take their places for Sunday morning worship, one on the Kentucky side of the building, the other on the Tennessee side. When they bowed in prayer, those nearest the isle, with guns, kept their eyes open and watched the other side, for protection. See Wikipedia "Kentucky Bend". This may lead to subtle reconciliation issues.

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