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El amor es paciente y noble,nunca es celoso,nunca es presumido ni vanidoso,nunca es cruel o egoista,nunca se ofende y nose resiente. Vania enero 29th, a las 7:

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Existe un ejemplo en Deuteronomio, que puede iluminar sobre la diferencia gramatical entre hermanos de sangre. Otro ejemplo analizado es el siguiente: Para responder este argumento hay que considerar la Septuaginta.

Yo analizo que eran sus hermanos carnales, ellos no eran creyentes, como lo corrobora Juan 7: Ya le dije que acepto el argumento que ese vocablo: Se trata del mismo suceso narrado en Mateo En este punto del debate que se reconoce que esta cita efectivamente tumba el argumento protestante, salen a relucir en la forma protestante de debatir, una serie de preguntas para buscar favorecer su postura.

Pero surgen las preguntas que no pueden dejar de hacerse: Sin embargo busca el pentecostal apoyar su postura: Doy algunos ejemplos de contexto, en este caso cultural.

Esto concuerda perfectamente con Isa. Otra cita de Mateo muy diciente es: Nuestra respuesta es breve: Pues claro que lo leen mas sin embargo…. Porque en San Lucas leemos que la Virgen dijo: Increible lo que sostienen por defender una postura.

Ya dijimos antes, que en ninguna parte se dice: Lleguemos a conocer quien es la madre de estos cuatro hermanos. Este texto nos ofrece una nueva luz para aclarar sobre estos hermanos: Si Marcos pensaba en La respuesta la analizamos de la siguiente manera: Nuevo, que uno se quita: Viejo, que uno se pone: Viejo, que uno se quita: Con el que uno ve a alguien bien abrigado: Absceso Que uno tiene: Que uno ve en otros: Abuela , Abuelo Que uno ve o a quien le habla: Abuelos Que uno ve: Abundancia En la cual uno vive o de la que disfruta: Hasta Siempre ; English translation: Forever" or "Gigantic Saturday: Forever" airing on September 19, He had been inspired by television shows he had seen in the United States and Argentina but, as he explained, "My idea was mixing all the programs that I saw into one program.

During this period, some episodes of the program lasted up to eight hours. In its early years, the series was broadcast live with the exception of short segments; notable among the pre-taped segments was the travelogue, where Kreutzberger visited different locations around the world.

In , the show was remotely broadcast from Los Angeles , California to coincide with the Mexican Independence Day celebrations. In , following the Haiti earthquake , the show aired a special three-hour telethon benefiting the American Red Cross.

One of the show's signature segments, six contestants are given the chance to sing a song, with the bad performers being eliminated mid-song by "El Chacal", a ghost-like character who blows an old trumpet to end such acts similar to The Gong Show.

Unlike The Gong Show , El Chacal does not have to wait a specific amount of time before eliminating someone on many occasions, contestants have been eliminated almost immediately after beginning their performance. Don Francisco would always get into the act, and wear silly hats and wigs to intimidate the contestant. On some occasions, the eliminated performer would be "fed" to a lion in his cave, with Don Francisco chanting "A los leones" in addition to the usual "y The "Lion" character was later phased out and would be "replaced" with an Alex the Lion doll.

From to , any performer who advanced also received a six-pack of Coca-Cola. Often whenever Don Francisco sings during this segment, El Chacal would blow the trumpet mid-song, effectively insulting the host, who responds by kicking El Chacal. He would also kick the character if a bad call was made. El Chacal's name roughly translates to "the Jackal ," and his antics are more in line with such, similar to a laughing hyena.

However, there is a bit darker or dark humor meaning behind the character and his appearance. He actually has more similarities to an "Executioner" or a "Hooded Hatchetman", who used to kill people on the gallows or guillotine while wearing such a mask. Only in this case, he "kills off" acts of performers by playing the trumpet and not wielding an axe or guillotine. A parody of beauty pageants , six women compete in swimsuits or other revealing attire for the title of Miss Colita.

It is similar to the Brazilian contest " Miss Bumbum ". The contest is usually held the Saturday before the Miss Venezuela , Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, although it — or variants of the segment — are frequently held every two to four weeks. Another version, "Miss Colita Petite", features mainly smaller women.

From to , it was succeeded by a similar contest, "Miss Curvilinea", which focused more on the body type and form. Don Francisco had stated that the popularity of the song and its accompanying dance saved the program from an early cancellation in , although this was not publicly revealed until , during the show's 50th anniversary celebration. This led to the creation of Miss Curvilinea, among other similar contests. This contest featured girls usually children competing for the title of Miss Chiquitita.

The contest was held between and , and was held in a two-month period; it was revived on July after a year hiatus. The structure was similar to Miss America , sans the swimsuit and evening gown rounds. Every hour of the show, recording artists and bands usually from Latin America perform songs live in front of the audience. In addition to musical talent, other acts such as magicians, world record holders among others also perform their talents during the show.

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